Fireday - Firefox extension reviews for February 2, 2007

This week: Statusable, NSFW Extension, and SiteDelta.

February 2nd, 2007 at 8:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Fireday


Rating: 5/5

If you've been with me since the first Fireday, you've obviously heard me talk about how my status bar has a ton of icons on the bottom of Firefox. Well, there is a new extension I've added to my list called Statusable.

Statusable creates a new status bar and attaches it to the bottom of Firefox. My extensions in my status bar were shifted up and voila! I could see my URLs again.

Since Firefox has released it's 2.0 version and is moving towards a 3.0 release, and since everyone installs numerous extensions, may I propose that this become a native feature in Firefox 3.0. This is an awesome fix for extension overload. However, one thing that users may complain about is that the extension is only compatible with Firefox 2.0 or higher.

Overall, Statusable is not hard to install and even though it takes up a little more room in my browsing display, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the gluttony of more extensions...muhahahahahaha.


NSFW Extension

Rating: 4/5

There's a lot of discussions going on about a semantic solution about how to show what's suitable for work and what's not suitable for work (NSFW). If you don't know what you're clicking on, you could lose your job rather quickly.

Enter the Not Suitable For Work extension. When the NSFW extension is installed, it provides a way for links that contain the rel="NSFW" attribute (i.e. <a href="" _fcksavedurl="""" rel="NSFW">) to disappear. The link is not suitable for work, so you can't click on it. Pretty slick.

The one drawback to using this extension is that it is strictly up to the discretion of the web site author as to what they believe is suitable and not suitable for work. In the future, the extension could attach to a database of already existing NSFW links and flag them properly

But if this goes in a different direction, could this mean censorship on the Internet? Hmmm....I'd best not think about it. I'm rambling.

Again, I like the idea of the extension, but it relies solely on the author of the web site to provide these NSFW links in their pages. Overall, I'm rating it a 4.



Rating: 3/5

Everytime you return to a site, you want to know what you've missed. SiteDelta provides that function for you with the click of a button.

SiteDelta installs a Delta icon at the bottom of (where else) the status bar. Visit a web site and click on the delta symbol to see all of the changes that occurred since your last visit.

SiteDelta is a simple extension and it's really a good idea, but an options dialog box is needed for a custom color for the highlights. The options dialog box would also prepare the author in case there were any more feature requests from users.

It's not quite an extension I would have to keep in my arsenal, but it's a solid extension nonetheless.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

If anyone has questions, please post them below or Contact me directly.

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