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It seems my Palm T3 is on a slow decline, but I think I've found a replacement device.

October 8th, 2007 at 5:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Virtual Office

Ever since I purchased my Palm T3, I haven't seen anything else worthwhile to replace it. I always carried that PDA with my keyboard for quick access to my clients, friends, and a portable suite of apps. It's been one of my best investments for my business. I wrote about it briefly in my Virtual Office series.

However, since Palm doesn't have it listed on their support site anymore and I'm wondering how much longer I'll have with my Palm T3 (It's still working very well), I needed to find a replacement.

With the lines blurring between the PDAs and laptops, I wanted to find a device that moves towards a virtual office. My requirements were:

  1. Portability - It had to be small enough to carry around in my pocket.
  2. Internet connectivity - Of course, I have to be connected to the Internet to access email when necessary. I say "when necessary" because you don't always have to be connected like Mr. Ferris states.
  3. Compatibility - I need the ability to transfer the functionality of my existing applications from my Palm to whatever device. If I write MS Office applications on my Palm, naturally, I want to do the same thing with my future device as well. I've also noticed that most of my applications on my Palm are turning into web services on the Internet, so the Internet connectivity goes hand-in-hand with this requirement.

Now, I know a lot of you out there are screaming iPhone or smartphone.

First, after what Apple did to its users, makes me think about being the first to own something. I have a saying..."Let the scouts take the arrows first."

Secondly, I like my devices separate. A phone is used for phone calls and a PDA is used for PIM information. Call me old fashioned.

With those requirements in mind, I set forth to find my device...and I found it.

The Nokia N800

The research I collected over the past six months regarding mobile devices is vast, but based on the past weekend with's $243 sale of the Nokia N800, this was a sign. :-) I bought it.

I'm expecting the Nokia N800 to arrive in the next couple of days, and I'm excited. I'll provide a review when I've had enough time to play around with it.

If you are interested in some of my research results, here are some links that persuaded me to purchase this beauty of a machine. Be prepared there are a lot of links.

Now that you've seen all of the evidence, click the image or the link of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet (aff. link) to buy yourself one. I'm sure the sale won't continue for very long.

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