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For most techies, digital frames are common place in their homes. I've found an interesting site that offers many sizes.

August 3rd, 2007 at 11:00am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Entertainment

I've been looking around and pricing digital frames lately and I came across Whether you're looking for lcd digital frames, a digital picture frame, or even a remote-controlled digital frame, you'll definitely find a size that fits your corner table.

The site was well designed and I especially liked the quick currency exchange function. Select a different country and you see how much it is immediately.

I noticed their free 256MB SD card (Secure Digital) promotion on the home page, which is definitely good to throw in as a filler. At first, I thought, why would you want a small SD card? You wouldn't need a huge card. I imagine you'd be scrolling through pictures all day to find the right picture. So they made a good choice with picking a large, but not tiny SD card to tempt customers.

I also liked their detail product page that listed similar products at the bottom with an immediate way to add something similar to the shopping cart.

However, one thing I did notice was the product list on the right-hand side. They posted a small product list of digital frames and displayed a picture of the first digital picture frame, but didn't continue the pattern with the remaining products. I'm a visual person and I like to see the rest of the product pictures displayed so I know what I'm buying before I click on it. Am I receiving a remote with the digital picture frame or not? I want to see the details before I click on it.

Overall, the site is very well designed, provides a wide range of LCD digital frames, and accepts various currencies around the world.

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