Speed Links - Dec-7-2006: Designers

Yes, I'm getting behind in my designer links.

December 7th, 2006 at 11:30am — Comments: (0) — By: Jonathan Danylko — Tags: Speed Links

  • GIMP Complete Tutorials
    For those who are looking for how to use the "other" graphics package for designing awesome logos and graphics. Oh, and it's free as well.
  • How to structure large CSS files
    Everyone I've seen in my lifetime have either created one stylesheet in one huge file, or worse, in the HTML (Gasp!). Here's a great article on how to get a new "structured style."
  • Web 2.0 Stylr - Logo Maker
    Still having troubles creating your own Web 2.0 logo? Let the Stylr help out.
  • CSS Styling for Print and Other Media
    CSS can be used for more than just web pages.
  • CSS Drop Shadows
    Create a drop shadow on your DIVs using just CSS. Great technique!
  • Instant Color Schemes
    "This site extracts colors from related web images to create customized color schemes for any word or phrase."
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