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Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics

June 15th, 2007 at 3:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox no pointFirefox no pointLink

I always want to know how fast I'm moving on the information superhighway. The Firefox extensions I've seen before are really slick, so I'm kind of accustomed to how these extensions perform.

The Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics allows you to run an upload and download test on your machine to benchmark its network performance. It also tells you your domain name and IP address.

After installing the extension, I was eager to see how this Firefox extension would perform. I looked under the tools dropdown and found the Bandwidth Meter option and selected it.

A dialog box was brought up with my IP and domain name address with two buttons: Upload Test and Download Test. I clicked on the download test first. At first, I thought I had installed a rogue extension and it taking me to a "good" web site. As soon as I clicked the download button, I was expecting the extension to scroll the results in the text area below the buttons, but unfortunately, I was taken to a web page in the Firefox browser and stats were displayed there (The good news is that I do have a screaming connection).

I immediately tried the Upload button. Same results in a browser window instead of the results box under the buttons.

As I said before, I've used my share of bandwidth testers and this one does an adequate job of displaying your results, but the extension may need a little facelift or some touch-ups with consolidation inside the extension's viewable area instead of jumping over to a browser page.

The extension receives a 3 out of 5.