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November 24th, 2006 at 4:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointLink

Collaboration seems to be the thing with the Internet nowadays. Most users need a quick way to talk to their users relatively quick and the Dai.sy Firefox extension communicates with everyone willing to participate in a chat session.

The cool thing about this extension is that it takes a web site and turns it into a chat channel. If you have a meeting regarding a web site layout or design, you can invite all of the participants with an e-mail to view the site and chat about it.

Installation was simple. Restart Firefox and you'll notice the daisy icon near the address bar at the top. Navigate to a web address and click on the daisy. A sidebar will open. Enter your name, click on the avatar to select your image, enter a subject, and click "enter chat."

At this point, you should see a chat room with a list of the people currently available to chat. Of course, you may be alone until someone joins the session.

Daisy image

The additional tabs at the top, share and blog, take the sharing experience a little further. The share tab allows you to share a certain folder on your hard drive with the people currently connected to the site at that time. This option makes me jittery, security-wise.

The blog option allows you to blog away at the site, proving comments that can be posted about the site. This is an excellent way to have your clients look over a web site and leave comments for later. Excellent feature.

The Dai.sy extension is an excellent collaboration tool and enhances a website, whether it be a channel to relax and discuss the newest coding techniques (Yes, I'm a geek) or discuss with a client on what work should be done to an existing web site.

I like the Dai.sy extension and it is on my list of business extensions to use when necessary, but I don't keep it installed all the time.