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December 15th, 2006 at 4:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointLink

I used an extension of mouse gestures, but didn't look like easyGestures. This is my first time revisiting mouse gestures with easyGestures.

easyGestures allows you to immediately navigate between web pages quickly and efficiently. As soon as it's installed and Firefox is restarted, you'll notice another icon at the bottom (a curly blue arrow). That icon is the easyGestures toggle to turn it on or off. If its blue, you're switched on. Yeah, baby! (Sorry, Austin Powers humor).

To activate easyGestures, the default action is a middle-click of the mouse button, but you can configure the behavior of how you want easyGestures activated (more on this later).

The "pie menu" pops up and gives you a logical separation of how to move through web pages using just this pie chart. For example, if you middle-click and move to the left, it means that you move back a page. Move the mouse to the right and you move forward a page. Very intuitive.

Now, the customization. I have never seen an extension provide as much customization as I've seen provided with this extension. If you want to change the looks of the pie menu itself, you can change it into a navigation bar instead. If you want to use the right mouse button while holding down the shift key to activate the pie menu, go ahead. The amount of customization is overwhelming at first, but provides a solid level to appease even the pickiest power-user.

Another feature I like is the way easyGestures has integrated a location bar directly onto the pie menu. Type in what you want and your there.

easyGestures includes statistics as well to find out if you've been clicking backward or forward too much. :-)

Overall, I like the way easyGestures provides an over-abundant feature set with a ton of customization, but keeps it simple enough to turn off with the click of a button on the status bar. This may even provoke me to turn off everything except my Bookmarks toolbar when surfing since this covers just about everything included in toolbars.