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eBay Buddy

March 30th, 2007 at 3:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointLink

Since I did a special edition of Fireday with eBay extensions, I've had users write me and ask if there were any more extensions worth owning if you were an avid eBay-er.

Why, as a matter of fact, yes, there is.

The eBay Buddy is an extension that gives you a quicker and easier way of maneuvering around eBay with a context menu. Every section within eBay is located in the context menu.

eBay Buddy screenshot

After installing the eBay Buddy and restarting Firefox, right-click on any web page, and you'll be whisked away to the eBay section you selected. You can even jump right to your "my eBay" account.

If you want the eBay Buddy installed on your toolbar, click View/Toolbars/Customize. Find the eBay Buddy icon in your list and drag and drop it where it's most convenient for you. This is a nice feature and seems to be catching on with extension developers.

eBay Buddy provides a sitemap-like viewing of the eBay universe. I can imagine if eBay changes their architecture/urls, eBay Buddy will have a lot of changes to its extension users.

I really like this extension. I do very little with eBay, but my wife is the one who would benefit the most from it.

eBay Buddy gets a resounding 5 out of 5.