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January 26th, 2007 at 5:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox no pointLink

The LeakMonitor extension is great for developers who have one particular leak with JavaScript objects in their chrome or web page. The leak is when you close a window and the JavaScript objects are still held by native code in Firefox.

I installed the extension last Friday and have been using it for the week. I usually don't open additional windows for the LeakMonitor to do it's job. Those days are gone. I strictly use tabs. With my custom CMS I built, when I open a window, I get the LeakMonitor dialog box telling me that there are a couple of JavaScript leaks.

LeakMonitor Screenshot

Two issues came up and both dealt with two extensions installed recently. Now, I don't think just because it reports on the "problem extensions" that you have to uninstall them. Disabling them for now may seem like a more appropriate action until a newer version of the extension is released.

After I installed the extension last week, every time I went into my CMS to open a window, I always received the dialog box saying there was a problem. I click OK and moved forward until I can commit a good amount of time to find out what the problem is, but until then, it does become annoying when I do open a new window.

As I said before, during the daily use of Firefox, I usually don't open windows, I open tabs. This extension may not assist me as much as I want, but for extension developers, it's a great tool. Could it develop into a Firebug or Selenium IDE? LeakMonitor only detects one form of a JavaScript leak. Are there more?

If the author continues to work on this extension and incorporates more "JavaScript leak techniques," yes, it could turn into an awesome Leak Monitor!