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Link Evaluator

January 12th, 2007 at 5:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox no pointFirefox no pointLink

Once in a while, everyone needs to check their links on their site. Usually, I go to a web site that scours my site and gives me a summary at the end telling me the bad links.

The Link Evaluator extension provides this service for you instead of going to a web site. You can do it all locally. Install the extension and activate it by using Tools/Link Evaluator or use the context menu by right-clicking on a web page.

Now, the bad news. The Link Evaluator can only verify links on one page at a time, but the data stored by the Link Evaluator is definitely worth having. Open the Link Evaluator by clicking under Tools/Link Evaluator...

Link Evaluator screenshot

Move to the tab that says "red/green flag phrases." Once there, you'll notice the red list are the error messages and the green are the successful keywords. Basically, if any of the words in the red list show up in the scan, it will highlight it as red. If any phrases from the green list appear in the web page results, then the link on the page turns green.

Move to the Monitor tab. At the bottom, you'll see the start button and stop. Click on the start button to start the process. If the page you're on provides good links, all of the links will show green. If not, you may need to check the destination of that link. When you press the Start button, everything is displayed while you are watching the progress of the Link Evaluator and visibly see links on the page behind the dialog box change while you wait for the process to finish.

The interface of the Link Evaluator needs a little bit of a face-lift. While monitoring, it's almost like you are watching the raw data coming through the pipeline. If it was in a ListView or table of some kind, that would be a great enhancement. I know, I know...I'm picky.

Overall, I like the ability find out where the bad links are on my site. However, I don't like the idea of going through each and every page on my site using the Link Evaluator.

I guess I have to fall back on using a web site in checking my site links.