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Performancing for Firefox

March 24th, 2006 at 7:01am — Rating: Not Rated Yet — Link

If you have a Wordpress, MoveableType or Blogger account, this extension will be invaluable to you. The Firefox extension provides you a full featured blog editor for your posts within Firefox.

Unfortunately, Performancing is only available for Firefox 1.5 or higher. I would recommend getting the latest and greatest of Firefox. Get Firefox! It can't hurt and it is definitely advised.

But there are more advantages to using Performancing that disadvantages:

  • Image FTP Upload
  • Basic Metrics Chart viewing
  • Blogger.com improvements (Currently there are issues with the blogger.com service)
  • API url autodetect
  • Much improved stability and performance.
  • Fixed PFF from promting password on firefox startup (for masterpassword users)
  • Optional "Powered by Performancing" tag insertion.
  • Better category support for other blogging platforms.
  • Quick File FTP upload (under Performancing in the context menu).
  • Bug fixes for trackbacks.
  • ..and more!