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October 13th, 2006 at 4:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointLink

Let's say that you have a product you've been eyeing up in your watchlist on eBay for a while. Vendor A has the product for $10 with $2 shipping, but Vendor B has the exact same product for $9 with $10 shipping. According to eBay, guess who bubbles to the top as the cheapest product? Yep, Vendor B.

The ShortShip Firefox extension adds a lot of functionality to eBay that is deperately needed. For example, the scenario above has definitely happened to me a couple times while shopping on eBay. On eBay searches, the ShortShip extension will create another new column called Total and display the full price of the item in your results...price + shipping. Definitely a nice feature! You don't need to configure anything. The extension is seamlessly integrated to work with eBay.

Other useful features in the extension are:

  • Converts all values to the same currency, so you can actually compare things properly!
  • Allows you to filter feedback, so you can see only their negative comments
  • Allows you to report excessive shipping to eBay with one click
  • Filter results by a shipping range that you specify
  • Right-Click Search
  • Shipping Cost Filter

The ShortShip extension installed flawlessly and can enhance the way users shop around eBay. It even helps out the sellers in some respects.


If you need more eBay tools for Firefox, you may want to install the Greasemonkey extension and then go over to the UserScripts.org site and check out all of the eBay Scripts that make your life sooo much easier.