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March 3rd, 2006 at 7:00am — Rating: Not Rated Yet — Link

On deck is SiteAdvisor. The SiteAdvisor takes your Google, Yahoo!, or MSN searchs and applies safety ratings next to each search results entry. When you view your results, each entry will receive one of the following indicators:

  • Safe: The green checkmark means the site was tested and didn't find any significant problems.
  • Caution: The yellow exclamation point means the site revealed some issues you should know about.
  • Warning: The red X means the site revealed some serious issues where you may not want to visit this site.

An indicator on the bottom of the status bar displays the status of the site you're currently at. Clicking on the indicator allows you to view the site details, change particular settings, tell a friend, or send feedback.

This extension has already proved helpful in the workplace and is a great extension for beginners who are having issues with spam, spyware, viruses, and online scams.

Check it out! There are more features included than what I covered here. Learn more about it.