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ThumbStrips is a way for users to visually see the history of the sites they visited in a strip or film format. The thumbnails are recorded and displayed as you move through tabs and also through web pages. When you move from one page to another, you see an accumulation of pages at the bottom.

After installation, ThumbStrips immediately opens and is available on the bottom of Firefox. Not in the status bar, but in a whole new horizontal pane.

Not only does a new button appear at the top of the toolbar, but an icon appears on the status bar as well.

When you start ThumbStrips, you'll notice that the ThumbStrips icon in the status bar. Standard procedure for testing a new add-on includes right-clicking on the icon to display a context menu. Instead of a full context menu with options, the context menu that appeared only contained a "stop recording" option with nothing else to select. The big menu button at the top left of the menu contains all of the options on how to get the most from ThumbStrips. The menu located in the big menu button should be attached to the icon on the status bar as a context menu when right-clicked.

After using this add-on for a week, I noticed the use of this particular extension seemed to drag down my page loading time. After reading a couple of posts on the web site, this problem seems to be a recurring problem. Once the add-on was uninstalled, page loading speeds were back to normal.

ThumbStrips doesn't seem to help much in the history department and sometimes confused me when I wanted to go back to a screen. Everything was switching and moving around. I felt like I was playing an online version of the shell game.

Even the author mentioned that they are including a lot of information with their thumbnails when they display them in their strip. It's hard enough to stabilize Firefox, let alone manage add-on's chewing up memory as well.

Overall, I gave the extension a 3 out of 5. It's a good extension, but has room for improvement.