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VRE Toolbar

January 4th, 2008 at 5:00am — Rating: Firefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox pointFirefox no pointLink

Finding a niche on the Internet is becoming more of a chore if you're expanding your Internet empire.

So why not get some help with the Virtual Real Estate (VRE) Toolbar.


The VRE Toolbar provides all of the latest web sites and tools to help you find the right niche (or specialized industry) to build a web site quickly and effectively.

Everyone is looking at domain names as "virtual real estate," so it stands to reason that you need a Virtual Realtor to assist you in buying more "houses/land" (or domain names). That is what the VRE Toolbar is.


The 208K extension installed quickly and after the restart of Firefox, everything was on it's way. The VRE toolbar is available through the View / Toolbars.


The only feature feature of the VRE toolbar is the collection of bookmarks that are dedicated to niche domain and webmasters. The bookmarks are setup in the following categories:

  • Ideas - Provides great sites to trigger ideas for a web site.
  • Keywords - If you need keywords for optimized SEO results, then these keyword sites will help you maximize your niche.
  • Domains - Now that you have your keywords, it may be a good idea to base your new domains on your keywords.
  • Hosting - Need a hosting company? Here is a list of the most popular ones available that would support various server models (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, etc.)
  • Design - Now to design your site. The list of sites under Design include templates and CMS (Content Management Systems) to help you create your new site quickly.
  • Content - The Content section is the one of the most extensive set of bookmarks in the VRE Toolbar. The content is broken into sub-categories: Articles, Audio, Reference, Images, Products, News, and Video. Of course, make sure you follow the guidelines of each content site and give the credit where credit is due when using the content on your site.
  • Outsource - The Outsource section provides freelance sites that can assist you in your web duties. There are a couple of sites missing from this list, but it's a start.
  • Promote - This is the other section of the VRE Toolbar that contains a lot of bookmarks to assist with the promotion of your niche site. The Promote section has Article Directories, Blogs, Directories, Forums, Link Building, and Press Releases.
  • News - The News section is for any late breaking news that is important to you in the niche industry. Personally, I didn't realize there was an industry for niches.

The VRE Toolbar doesn't provide a lot of features, but the primary feature is the ability to have a number of niche sites in categories that are quickly available for you when setting up a web site up within one-two days.


Unfortunately, there isn't a configuration section for this extension.


For the novice web/domain master, this is a great set of bookmarks to get started on building your own site from start to finish. However, for an advanced set of users, this extension could be replaced with a elaborate set of organized bookmarks. For example, I have some web sites I use a lot and I wanted to add them to the list, but that capability doesn't exist in VRE Toolbar. The ability to add your own bookmarks would be a nice coo for this extension, but as I said previously, this can be achieved in the same way by managing your own bookmarks with folders on a toolbar.

The other thing I noticed was middle-clicking on an item doesn't open a new tab like a bookmarked item does in Firefox. It's not that bad of a flaw, but it is annoying. It may be my browsing habits of opening multiple tabs in one sitting.

The VRE Toolbar is a nice tool to assist with finding your place on the Internet with your specific niche. The toolbar appropriately shows the progress of how you should proceed with a website. It visually tells you to start out with Ideas first and work your way across the sections to Promotion. Very nicely done.

So long as the bookmarks are always updated and never left to die, the VRE toolbar is great in getting a web site up and running. Another category I would recommend is an SEO section under the Promote heading.

If you are a novice or professional, the VRE Toolbar provides an exceptional set of bookmarks listed by category in building a web site from "Idea" to "Promotion."

The VRE Toolbar receives a 4 out of 5.